Unlock strength and your ultimate aligned self

Embodied alignment, presence & core connection -
in your body & your life - 
through intentional movement + mindfulness

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A better version of every you

Gain more confidence, feel more empowered and increase strength in balance & control, with an improved mindset

- in all areas of your life. 

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  • Develop integrity of movement with emphasis on the principles of  breath, control, centering, precision and flow in your practice and how it translates to mindfulness in life: work, sports, and wherever you show up
  • Increased core strength in a low impact way
  • Improved flexibility and address posture related issues
  • Better performance & reduce the risk of future injuries

Here to meet you where you are - designed for your body and goals in a contemporary approach to Pilates

Curated from the essence of Pilates, influences from other modalities ie fitness, yoga, and mindfulness techniques. May include props like resistance bands, balls, and foam rollers - teaching to
your specific body and needs

Develop a movement practice at home, outdoors or in-studio that 
works for you

private training

Private Training

Instill mindful movement at your own pace + skill level through honing your mental connection with your body for greater strength, balance and stability. The personalized approach will help address specific goals to get the fastest, most effective results.

small group

Small Group

Full body workouts that address balancing the body in building strength, incorporating stretch and developing a keen awareness into the form and alignment.

1 on 1 coaching

1:1 Coaching

Create new routines and curated wellness coaching on topics like breathwork, developing your mindset, and habit formation for long term sustainable lifestyle change.


Option for on-demand training for at-home convenience and personalized programming for better, faster outcomes -- leading to a better you. 

In-person + digital hybrid training also available 

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Meet Jess

I'm a certified STOTT Pilates instructor who rediscovered a love for sports and has made my life's work in helping others find positive strides in well-being-- beyond transforming to a healthier physique. Mindful movement and control within one's body is transformative to other dimensions of life. This has led to cultivating and sharing my passion: To inspire others in finding the light - wellness within.


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